Last Waltz


If the cocaine doesn’t kill me I know she will

I need to find something else to get my fill

theres white lines on the table and white lines on the road

one keeps me moving and the other’s my home


But you, your like a disease

no matter how I try, your killing me

and I, I’m hooked on you

your like a drug that I just can’t quit

and I stick around just to get another fix  


so honey feed me a line and hand me a smoke

ill try and break free but I doubt theres hope

i’m tired and haggard hanging on a noose

I need to set you free, I need to cut me loose


Javi Garcia: lead vocals, electric lead guitar
Ron D’argenio: hammond B3 & leslie
Zack Walther: delay pedal
Jackson Parten: lead guitar
Austin Gilliam: harmony vocals
Dave Yelacic: electric bass
Chris Compton: drums