The Great Controversy


I’ve got a fire in my belly
And coal in my throat
The words that I spit
Would make most writers choke


i’d jump off a mountain
just to cripple a man
I’ll raise the egg
Just to slaughter the hen


i’m the knife in the boot
your the victim that’s mute
i’m the only reason why
Adam swallowed the fruit


I’m the absence of swell
that crippled Ravel
theres nothing stopping me
from tainting the well


I’ll dump the last bit of water 
Out in the street
Cause you might as well start
Getting used to heat


i’m the hoof in the jar
you keep because its bizarre
i’m the head on the wall
you adorn like a scar


the Ouija under your bed
You use to the talk to the dead
I once spelled out my name
But some how you misread


I was the fly on the wall
when your mother cheated on pa
The glutton stealing the slop
From the swine in the stall


the father thinks i’m a stain
I’m no better than Cain
i’ll make it so you’ll never
forget the refrain


i’m the note you can’t hit
and the song you can’t write
The reason some folks will never
See the light


I’m the parent of hate
The raging fire in the lake
I’m the sheep and the wolf
The goat and the snake


the butcher giving you meat
That I just peeled off the street
I’ll wrap it in twine
So thinks its a treat


I’m the seven year itch
One year after your hitched
The thorns on the stick
When you were beat with a switch


I’m this and i’m that
I got it down pat
i’m the pig with the wire
That gets to snitch on the rat


I’m the biggest smear 
in  the worlds bloodiest book
And to have a mind of my own 
Was all that it took 


The reason John buys a piece
Off the whore on the street
While his wife sits at home
Thinking John’s not a cheat


I’ll tell you it’s right
When you feel nothing but spite
For people that love you
and want you to do what is right


I’m the thoughts in your head
That you try to keep hid
If I don’t catch you now
I’m catching up quick


You won’t be nailed to a cross
But decisions do have a cost
Free will isn’t free at all
It’s a game you have lost


You can whisper a prayer
You can shout out a hymn 
But it doesn’t change the fact that
your more like me than him 


Javi Garcia: lead vocals, electric rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Brian Duarte: electric lead guitar
Daniel Thomas Phipps: harmony vocals
Dave Yelacic: bass
Chris Compton: drums