Wicked As You


If you were the devil

Pitch fork and a tail

I’d confess my sins

and stay out of hell


If you were a woman

In a wedding dress and a veil

You would be riding that freight train

Straight to betrayal


Robert Johnson met the devil

On the side of the road

He said “put down that hammer boy,

its a heavy load”


Then Bobby got a guitar

And he died with the blues

But he never met anything

As wicked as you


Jesus was a carpenter

And an only son

He’d slave all day long till the

Work day was done


Jesus had a woman

She was a lady of the night

But even she had the sense to change

Once she saw the light


If you were a pistol

Hammer pulled back

I’d be the forehead

That you’re pointing at


And all of my friends

Would come visit me dressed in black

Better kiss my ass goodbye girl

I wont be coming back


Javi Garcia: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
A Southern Horror Bluegrass Band