I Drink


A poem:

I care so much.  I drink till I don’t give a fuck so I can get a good nights rest. Not worry about money, the red marks on my cheeks, the shit seeping out of me, the weight on my shoulders I bear for the friends I don’t make time for, debt, the positions of my hands, my wife, how I’m going to fucking croak. I drink to be happy. I drink to be normal. I drink to be like you. I drink to not be like you. I drink because I hate being like you. I drink because I care too much. I drink because I have too big of a heart. I drink because I have surrounded myself with people who bring me down. Despite my best efforts to escape that pattern. I drink to escape. Even if it’s just for a second. Debt, debt, fuck you. Fuck me. The world is fucked. My world is fucked.  You are fucked.  Don’t forget that. Thank me later. I don’t care.

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