We all have that buddy that was really good at football, and now they dedicate there lives to talking about the game, coaching little league, wearing jerseys to mow the yard, yapping your fucking ear off about it.

I wonder if those types of people only like the game because they have the god given talent to be good at it or had good experiences with it.  What about the guy who sucks at football?  Has no talent, but gets up everyday and does it again and again.  Only to fail.  Never gets the job.  Never first to be picked. Never will be better than the naturals, but always gives it his/her best.  Not because it’s easy. Not because they relate the task/game with good feelings or memories.  Simply because they love the game.  I wonder if we are all full of shit.  If we are just as much a poser as a poser.

Do I like illustrating because i’m good at it?  Would I draw if I was terrible at it?

I once read an interview with Steve Earle talking about Townes Van Zandt.  He said he thought Townes was so self destructive because Towns carried a great amount of guilt with him.  Guilt for his talent.  Guilty he didn’t have to get up everyday and work 9 t0 5’s like the rest of us.  I guess on some occasions talent can be a cross to bare.  It’s no secret that Townes intentionally sabotaged his own career.  Maybe he just wanted to be normal?  Maybe he was a whiny little bitch? Unappreciative? To be straight, I couldn’t give less of a fuck about him either way.

There is something to be said about the talents that go unrecognized.  For example work ethic or dealing with lifes pressures.  I know a few people like that.  They don’t do it because its always fun or because it’s gives instant gratification. And they sure as hell don’t drink themselves to death over it.

To some people life isn’t always about measuring to see who has the biggest dick. Its definitely not about door deals, management, or pussy.

On the other hand, if your dealt a great hand.  Who’s gonna blame ya for going all in?

“What is a sundial in the shade?” ~ Benjamin Franklin

– Javi

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